Add your Photos and Stories to this Site

You can share your flood photos and stories on this web site...

Who can submit?

Anyone... including:

What kinds of material can be used?

You are especially encouraged to submit stories about "flood angels" you know of who helped in some way during the flood or recovery.

Material submitted should belong to you or a family member, or be submitted with the permission of the owner of the material. Please do not submit material from other peoples' web sites without their permission. Also, please do not submit material from newspapers, magazines, or other copyrighted sources without permission of the copyright owner.

I can provide links to other flood-related web sites if you send me the URL.

How can I submit photographs?

If you have a scanner, scanned photographs can be submitted by e-mail. E-mail scanned photographs as attachments to your message. Scan photographs at minimum 100 dpi resolution and 24-bit color. Save scanned photo as a JPEG (.jpg) file. I can also use GIF files.

If you don't have access to a scanner, free scanning is available for flood scrapbook photos. Send E-mail for more info on free scanning.

Please provide the following information for each photograph:

How can I submit stories?

Stories can be submitted by e-mail. The story can be e-mailed as part of the message or as an attachment. Attachments can be in text or Microsoft Word format.

If you are not able to e-mail the story, e-mail for alternate instructions.

If you do not want your name used, you may suggest a "pen name" to be used instead.

NOTE: When using the e-mail links, replace "_AT_" in the e-mail address with the "@" symbol before sending the e-mail.

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