2001 Flood - East Dubuque, Illinois

East Dubuque has never been a dry place, even when the river level is low. Read about East Dubuque's colorful history.

Flood crest 26.46 feet on April 23. River level close to crest when these photos were taken on April 24.

Although the lower portion of East Dubuque is protected by a dike, the city had considerable problems with seepage under the dike and saturated soil. Basement damage is likely in downtown and riverfront neighborhoods. Without the dike, damage would have been worse.

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Flooded street near downtown. Water came from sump pumps running in downtown buildings, and from a manhole by the bridge pillar.
Flooded street

National Guard
The Illinois National Guard on duty in East Dubuque.

This is the neighborhood the National Guard was guarding. This neighborhood is located between the railroad and the river in a low area. This area is protected by a dike, but had problems with seepage and sewer backup.
East Dubuque

Pumping water from the sewers over the dike.

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