Prairie du Chien WI

2001 Flood

Another 100 Year Flood
Prairie du Chien is located where the Wisconsin River meets the Mississippi. It is the second oldest town in Wisconsin. The Villa Louis historic site is located on St. Feriole Island here.

Flood crest 23.75 feet, Friday, April 20, 2001 (second highest on record).
River at about 22.5 feet on April 24, when these photos were taken.

Damage: Some homes with first-floor damage along Main St., others with basements full of river water. Basement flooding from seepage and sewer backup in additional homes. Some residents were able to move their furniture out before the flood. Downtown Prairie du Chien did NOT flood, contrary to some news reports. Floodwater did reach the edge of downtown, and some buildings may have had basement water.

St. Feriole Island was under water. Villa Louis is on high ground, and there was no water in the house, but all other buildings on the island flooded, and the only access was by boat. Spring opening of historic site will be delayed. Most homes on the island had been relocated after a previous flood, and the state owns most of the land now.

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Much of North Main street was flooded.
N. Main St.

N. Main St.
Along North Main Street.

This North Nain Street homeowner built his own dike.
N. Main St.

Main Street
The driver of the white car must not be able to read.

Blackhawk Street, looking towards St. Feriole Island. The top of the bridge to the island is visible in the distance.
Blackhawk St.

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