Wabasha MN

2001 Flood

Wabasha riverfront

Wabasha is best known as the setting for the movies Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men. However, very little of the movies were filmed in Wabasha. Filming took place in various locations in Minnesota, including Red Wing, St. Paul, and Stillwater.

Wabasha has Minnesota's oldest operating hotel, the Anderson House. This is probably the only hotel where you can reserve a cat with your room.

Flood crest 18.22 feet, Monday, April 16, 2001.
Photos taken on April 24 and 25 (river level 16.2 feet) and on April 30 (river level 17.14 feet).
Damage: 7 homes with river water in basements, 45 homes with flooding from seepage, 5 farms between Wabasha and Kellogg with major flooding. Lower level of Slippery's (of Grumpy Old Men fame) flooded.

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The lower level of Slippery's flooded. Probably made the old men even grumpier.

Sandbag sign
(Above) Sign on sandbag near Slippery's
(Right) Slippery's flood rules.
Slippery's flood rules

Looking west on Bridge St. from Third, April 30th.
Bridge St.

Third St.
Third St. looking south, April 30th.

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