1997 Flood Photo Album

United Day Nursery
Grand Forks

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United Day Nursery is a preschool and day care located in United Lutheran Church. They lost their kitchen and a classroom (the Spectrum) for 50 children. Damages were over $300,000.
United Nursery temporary location at Lake Aggasiz School.

Photo: Alan Draves

United Day nursery operated in temporary quarters in the public schools from May to August 1997.

Photo: Alan Draves

They had to move several times during the summer because mold was found in the school buildings.

Photo: Alan Draves

The playground equipment survived the flood, but all the wood chips had to be removed and replaced.

Photo: Alan Draves

The FEMA Guy, "We're here to help".

Photo: United Day Nursery

Director Suzie Thorson receives a donation of toys to replace some of those lost in the flood.

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