United Day Nursery

The Flood,
Though our
Children's Eyes

More Flood Drawings from our Children
Our Flood Story

"This is the new Belmont school they are building. It will be called Phoenix. They planted flowers by our school." - Tanner

"I am happy that the Spectrum is fixed so Lyla can have her music room back. Our paper and Legos went with the flood but some people gave us money to buy new ones to use." - Rebecca

"This is the flood. All our paper and junk they picked up and took away. Now we have grass." - Patrick

"My house during the flood. We have a white and black house. The basement is dry but the chimney is broken." - Jordan

"The tree in our playground lived through the flood." - Cassie

"These candles were saved and cleaned up after the flood and now we can use them again." - Sam

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