East Grand Forks Flood and Recovery

A few East Grand Forks flood facts:

  • Flood crest: 54.4 feet. (Flood stage: 28 feet)
  • Water flow: 140,000 cubic feet/second. (780 is normal)
  • Entire population of East Grand Forks evacuated (about 8,000 people)
  • Only 7 homes in East Grand Forks escaped flood damage, out of 5501 homes.
  • Almost two billion dollars in damage (Grand Forks and East Grand Forks)
  • No lives lost to the flood.

East Grand Forks Five Years Later

Downtown East Grand Forks

East Grand Forks Neighborhoods

East Grand Forks Celebration of Recovery April 18, 1998

The Red River

The Story of the Grand Forks Flood as told by a Grand Forks resident

Grand Forks Flood and Recovery

University of North Dakota Photo Album

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East Grand Forks
Everyone Got Flooded in EGF
Photo: Richard Larson (UND)

Everything You Own on the Berm
Photo: Mike Kuchar

Never Again
Photo: A. Draves

Blue Moose
Moose Crossing
Photo: B. Moe

An EGF Landmark Destroyed and Rebuilt
Photo: A. Draves

Cabela's comes to EGF
Photo: A. Draves

For more information:

City of East Grand Forks
Sacred Heart Church and School
Northwest Technical College
Grand Forks Herald (Current news from Grand Forks)
Army Corps of Engineers Reports on Flood Protection Project
UND Flood History Page (Many photos taken during the flood)
1997 Red River Valley Flood (Aerial photographs of Grand Forks during the flood)
University of North Dakota
BASINWIDE (Promoting a basinwide approach to flood control)

Current river level at East Grand Forks

More Flood Links

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