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The Red River

54.11 feet
54.11 feet.
Photo: A. Hagen

The Red River and the Red Lake River join just south of downtown. This is the origin of the name "Grand Forks".

The Red River Valley was the bottom of Lake Agassiz during the last ice age. The land is very flat, which means that flood water can spread a great distance from the river.

Torrents on a Tabletop - Grand Forks Herald article on the Red River Valley.

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River and Downtown
Red River and Downtown Grand Forks, July 1997.
Photo: Alan Draves
Walking Bridge
Red River and walking bridge, Oct. 1997.
Photo: Alan Draves
Red River
This photo shows the "red" in the Red River.
Photo: Brian Moe
Red Lake River
Murray Bridge and Red Lake River, Mar. 1998.
Photo: Brian Moe
Sorlie Bridge
Red River and Sorlie Bridge, Mar. 1998.
Photo: Brian Moe
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