East Grand Forks, A Celebration of Recovery

On the first anniversary of the flood, April 18, 1998, East Grand Forks held a parade. After the parade, a dedication ceremony was held in the rebuilt Holiday Mall in downtown East Grand Forks. A moment of silence was observed at the time the Point was lost to the flood one year earlier.
Official City Taxi
Official City Taxi, East Grand Forks, with Mayor Stauss in the raft.
Mayor Stauss
Mayor Stauss

Lutheran Disaster Response
Lutheran Disaster Response

A year earlier, this was the way out of town.

Construction Equipment
A year earlier, they were building dikes.

A Child's View of the Flood

East Grand Forks Band

More Celebration of Recovery Photos

Grand Forks Flood Remembrance Day

Downtown East Grand Forks

Rebuilding Downtown

Salvation Army
A year earlier, they were serving dinner.

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