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Downtown Grand Forks

After Hell and High Water

At 4:15 PM on April 19, a fire was reported in the Security Building, 101 North Third Street. In the photo at the right, the fire rages in the Security Building and has spread to the next building. Fire trucks stalled in the flood water, and the hydrants were useless since the city's water system had failed. Later, planes and helicopters were used to fight the fire.
Photo: David Winslow (UND)
North Third Street after the fire. The Security Building is still smoldering. The building at the opposite end of the burned block is the Grand Forks Herald's offices. Eleven buildings were destroyed on North Third St. and North Fourth St. Only one, the former First National Bank building, still stands.
Photo: Toby Baker (UND)
After the fire
North Third St.
North Third Street block destroyed by fire, July, 1997.
Photo: Alan Draves
Security Building
Site of the Security Building, Oct. 1997.
Photo: Alan Draves
First National Bank
Fire-damaged First National Bank building, Oct., 1997. This is the only one of the fire-damaged buildings still standing.
Photo: Alan Draves
Fourth St.
North Fourth Street after the fire, July, 1997.
Photo: Alan Draves
Downtown After the Flood

Windows on the Flood
Christmas in Grand Forks

Rebuilding Downtown

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