Grand Forks Mission

Grand Forks Mission
Grand Forks Mission, July 1997.
Photo: Alan Draves
The Grand Forks Mission provides food and shelter to the homeless of Grand Forks. The 1997 flood caused over $850,000 in damage at the Mission. The church building (at left in photo above) was damaged beyond repair and was torn down. This building housed the kitchen, dining room, and thrift store. The men's dormitory in the basement of the other building was also destroyed. The Mission also lost their heating system.

The Mission reopened in June, 1997 after the flood. Besides housing the homeless, the Mission also housed some of the volunteers who came to help rebuild Grand Forks. The North Dakota National Guard provided food for the Mission until the new kitchen was completed in November, 1997.

New Dining Room
The new dining room under construction,
August 1997.
Photo: Grand Forks Mission
New Kitchen
First meal prepared in the new kitchen,
Nov. 22, 1997.
Photo: Grand Forks Mission
One of the groups of young volunteers who helped the Mission rebuild.
Photo: Grand Forks Mission
Rebuilding begins in the basement,
August 1997.
Photo: Grand Forks Mission
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Rebuilding Downtown

Downtown after the Flood

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Volunteers painting
Volunteers repainted the hallways and rooms in the Mission.
Photo: Grand Forks Mission

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