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United Lutheran Church
Photo: Alan Draves

Flood water poured in through the windows and filled the lower level of this church, causing $800,000 in damage. The day care classroom, fellowship hall, lounge, and kitchen were destroyed. The sanctuary was not damaged. The congregation resumed worshipping at the church in June, 1997, even though the building did not have power.

In August, 1997, power was restored to the church, and United Day Nursery returned to the upper levels of the church. In October, the new heating system was installed. In November, construction started on the new United Day Nursery kitchen. The kitchen was completed in March, 1998. Work started on the Spectrum classroom in February, and it was completed in June. The church has started work on rebuilding the fellowship hall.

Many other churches in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks also suffered extensive damage.

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New United Day Nursery lunchroom
Photo: Alan Draves

United Day Nursery "Spectrum" classroom:

After flood (right)

After cleaning (below, left)

Completed classroom, July 1998 (below, right)

Pink Corner
Photo: United Lutheran Church
Spectrum, October 1997
Photo: Alan Draves
Spectrum, July 1998
Photo: Alan Draves
Lounge after flood.
Lounge Chapel after flood.
Photo: United Lutheran Church
Lounge after cleaning
The same room, April 1998.
Photo: Alan Draves
Photo: Alan Draves
The cross from the original altar (left) was underwater in the lounge during the flood, and can be seen in the picture above, left. It was cleaned and is now in the sanctuary.

United Lutheran member Mike Tunseth (right) rebuilt the steps to the Fellowship Hall.

Photo: Alan Draves

Rebuilding the Fellowship Hall, July 1998.

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Fellowship Hall
Photo: Alan Draves

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