Sabula, Iowa

2001 Flood

Riverfront home
This riverfront homeowner had his own backyard flood gauge (see below).

Sabula is known as the "Island City". It is the only town in Iowa built on an island.

Sabula flooded from below. The river was just below the level of the town, and the water table was very close to the ground. Everyone had at least one sump pump running, and the water pumped out of basements was collecting on the streets and in yards, as it had nowhere else to go.

Flood crest 22.26 feet, Monday, April 23, 2001, when these photos were taken.
Damage: Basement damage likely in many homes.

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Flood gauge

The river crested very close to the level of the town in Sabula.
High water

Pumping out
The water in the street was pumped out of basements. Sandbags were used to weight down manhole covers, and to keep water pumped out of basements from running right back in.

Sandbags in Sabula.

Rural home
This rural home north of Sabula became an island. The homeowner used the boat by the corner of the house to get to the road.

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