The Story of the Flood (continued)

Then it began that the sirens sounded quite often. And the warnings began on T.V. to evacuate Central Park area, Lincoln Drive area, and Riverside Drive area. On Friday morning I thought about going to church but the meeting was cancelled. I didnít dare go downtown as Mother was very uneasy. But I walked over to 13th Ave. and Belmont where the heavy equipment was being used to build a secondary dike on Belmont Road. The Lincoln Drive dike had failed just before this. There was water on Belmont, Chestnut, Walnut, Cottonwood, and Cherry Streets as well as 13th Ave. South only a couple blocks from Motherís.

I felt they were doing a good job so I went back to Motherís apartment and tried to keep busy. Then Saturday morning there was a scramble of warnings on T.V. At 7:00 A.M., John said there was already water on Washington St.

I walked over to the corner of Washington and 13th Ave. So. and I could see some water way down the street. So about 8:00 A.M. I called the evacuation center and they said we were not under an evacuation order. But I couldnít understand this because Rosalie had called and said to get out of the apartment because we were going to be flooded. Evidently I must have talked with someone who didnít know what was going on.

Mother kept fussing so I tried to get some important things on to the top of the refrigerator. And in the back bedroom I put my photo albums on top of the bookshelves. Most of my stuff was on the bed or the floor.

So at 9:00 A.M. I looked out and water was running along the curbs. I called for help to get Mother to the Emergency at United Hospital.

John, his brother and wife were busy taking their T.V. and other expensive items upstairs. Mother kept becoming more nervous. So at 9:30 a National Guard humvee came and took us to the hospital. When the doctor was through with Mother he said we must go to Red River High School. And they had the hospital bus take us there. But we did not have any blankets or pillows. I told the driver and he said he would try to get me back to the apartment to pick them up. Well we got to within 1 block west of Washington and the streets were full of water. He drove across Washington and the water began coming in under the door. But we were lucky enough to get to the apartment.

The street was full of water and going over the curbs. I ran in and out. Mother had two suitcases and a strongbox. And I had 4 blankets and a couple pillows.

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Lincoln Drive
Lincoln Drive neighborhood.
Photo: Richard Larson (UND)
South end
South end, looking up Belmont Road.
Photo: Richard Larson (UND)

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