Rebuilding Downtown

Downtown Businesses

The businesses pictured here either rebuilt downtown after the flood, or are new to downtown Grand Forks after the flood.

Bonzers Sandwich Pub - Their former location on Fourth Street was destroyed by fire during flood. They reopened here on Demers west of Fourth late in 1997.

Victorian Rose Antiques

Red Geranium Antiques and Gifts - Owner Linda Magness had a shop on Demers closer to the river which was destroyed by the flood. She also lost her home in the flood. After she reopened her store, she appeared on CBS This Morning and was also featured in an article in the April, 1998 Ladies Home Journal.

Photo: Alan Draves

Urban Stampede
Photo: Alan Draves

Urban Stampede - This coffee shop reopened at the same location at Fourth and Kittson in the fall of 1997.

Quilted Rabbit - This craft and gift store relocated downtown from South Forks Plaza after the flood.

Browning Arts - This art gallery lost their old location on North Fourth Street to flood and fire.

The Red River Cafe on Demers between Third and Fourth is new downtown after the flood. The height of the brick on the interior walls marks the height of the floodwater in this building.

Red River Cafe
Photo: Alan Draves

Photo: Alan Draves

Lola's - This Italian restaurant rebuilt in the same location on North Third Street after the flood. They reopened in 1997.

Joe Dimaggio's - This restaurant and sports bar is new to Grand Forks after the flood. The owner's name is Joe Dimaggio, but he is no relation to the late Yankee great.

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