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Photo: Alan Draves
Photo: Alan Draves
Many homes in the Riverside Park neighborhood were lost to the flood, and will not be rebuilt. More homes will be lost when the new dike is built. Riverside Park has a number of historic homes that will need to be torn down or moved, including four of the oldest homes in Grand Forks. Materials for these homes were brought up the Red River from Winnipeg. All four homes were built to the same plans.

All homes pictured here are in the path of the planned dike, or on the "wet side" of the dike. Some homes may be saved by modifications to the planned dike, as is being considered on Reeves Drive.

If you would like to help preserve historic homes in Grand Forks, contact the Grand Forks Historic Preservation Commission, 255 N. 4th St., Grand Forks ND 58203, (701) 772-8756.

Three of the four "Winnipeg" houses may be lost:
1508 Lewis (right) is in the path of the planned dike, but could be saved if a floodwall were built instead of a dike.
The two houses pictured below will both be on the "wet side" of the new dike, and would likely need to be moved if they are saved. 1518 Riverside (below, left) was the home of local architect Joseph Bell DeRemer and most recently of Sally Thompson, former features editor of the Grand Forks Herald.

1518 Riverside was purchased by the city in the buyout program for flood-damaged homes. The city is planning to move this house and several other city-owned historic homes to new locations on the "dry side" of the new dike, and then sell the homes.

1508 Lewis
1508 Lewis.
Photo: Alan Draves
1518 Riverside
1518 Riverside.
Photo: Alan Draves
1648 Riverside
1648 Riverside.
Photo: Alan Draves
Other Riverside Park neighborhood homes that may be lost:
1635 Riverside
1635 Riverside.
Photo: Alan Draves
1502 Lewis
1502 Lewis.
Photo: Brian Moe

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The flood level at this house on Lewis Blvd. was a foot below the eaves.
Photo: Alan Draves

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