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South Side Neighborhoods

Grand Forks

Lincoln Drive was not the only neighborhood on Grand Fork's south side affected by the flood. Flood damage was extensive in neighborhoods east of South Washington Ave. Many homes were lost in the Central Park area, on Walnut and Chestnut Streets near 15th Ave., and in the Elmwood and Olson Drives area. Additional homes will be lost when construction of the new dike starts.
Floodwaters filled the first floor of this house on South Third St. across from Central Park. Several blocks of homes near Central Park are being torn down. This area will be outside the new dike.
Central Park
Walnut Court
Floodwaters rose halfway up the first floor of this Walnut Court house, as shown by the water line on the large window. Many homes have been torn down in this area. New homes may be built in this neighborhood someday, as it will be protected by the new dike.
Click here to read the story of Jared and Chris Thorson, who lived in this house on Chestnut St. near 15th Ave.

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Thorson Home
Scenes like this were repeated many times in Grand Forks. In this Cherry St. house, floodwater poured in the coal chute and filled this basement almost to the floor joists. Later, more floodwater entered the house under the front door, and flowed into the heating ducts, breaking them. The additional water probably came from wakes made by trucks or boats using Cherry St. during the flood.
The house crusher has become a common sight in post-flood Grand Forks. This house at 626 Sixth Ave. South was a rental house. It was torn down because of fuel oil contamination.

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Lincoln Drive
Reeves Drive
Belmont and Phoenix Schools
United Lutheran Church

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