Temporary Flood Protection in Grand Forks

The permanent dikes will not be completed until 2005, but the city of Grand Forks is not waiting until then to improve flood protection. The city has built new dikes in several areas.

In the Riverside area, the city built a new dike a block further back from the river. Riverside Drive is now outside the dike.

New dike in Riverside neighborhood, between Lewis Blvd. and Riverside Drive.
Photo: Alan Draves
The city also built new, higher dikes in the downtown and Central Park areas.

A dike was built on the high ground in the western part of the Lincoln Drive neighborhood, passing through the Lincoln School site.

Polk St.
Building dike on the south side of Polk St. in the Lincoln Drive area. Before the flood, there were houses here.
Photo: Alan Draves
The Belmont dike was the most controversial section. Belmont Road residents wanted the dike built in the golf course so fewer trees would be lost, and their view would not be blocked. Golfers did not want to lose a couple holes from the course to the dike. Looks like the golfers won. At least the dike is not in the middle of the street, as it was in the spring of 1999.
Belmont Dike
Building dike along Belmont Road near 15th.
Photo: Alan Draves
The city also built a dike along Olson and Elmwood Drives, where houses had been removed since the flood.

The new dikes built within the past year will be removed when the Corps of Engineers completes the permanent dike.

Elmwod Drive
New dike on East Elmwood Drive.
Photo: Alan Draves
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