Polaris Industries makes snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles in its Roseau plant. It is the area's largest employer. After the dike broke in June 11, flood fighting efforts turned to saving Polaris, along with the school and hospital. The plant had only minor flood damage.

Polaris was also active in the flood fight, providing equipment and personnel. Polaris is now helping the community in recovery.

Polaris Industries Web Site

Flood fighters built a sandbag dike around the Polaris plant.
Polaris dike

A Polaris ranger hauling sandbags.

Another load of sandbags for the dike.
Polaris ATV hauling sandbags

Polaris ATV hauling sandbags
Hauling sandbags and workers to the dike.

Polaris dike
Building dikes on the street in front of the Polaris plant.

Hauling sandbags
Hauling volunteers and sandbags.

ATV's downtown
Cruising through downtown.

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