June 2002 Flood

Roseau, Minnesota

Flooded home in Roseau

Flooded home in Roseau, Minnesota
On June 9 and 10, 2002, heavy rains fell over northwest Minnesota and northeast North Dakota. As much as 12 inches of rain fell in some locations. In Roseau, Minnesota, the Roseau River crested at a record 23.2 feet, 7 feet over flood stage. The residents of Roseau raised the town's dikes with sandbags in an attempt to save their town. On Tuesday afternoon, June 11, the sandbag dike broke, flooding most of the town. Roseau residents did not give up when their homes flooded. Instead, they turned their efforts to saving the school, hospital, and the Polaris Industries factory, Roseau's largest employer. These three facilities survived the flood with only minor damage. Roseau residents received aid from neighboring Warroad in their flood fight. East Grand Forks, devastated in the 1997 flood, send two busloads of residents to help sandbag.

Flooding also occurred in other towns and many rural areas in northwest Minnesota and northeast North Dakota, but Roseau had the greatest damage.

Flood Photos:

Before the Dike Broke
Fighting the Flood
When the Dike Broke...
Still Fighting...
Saving the School
Polaris Industries
Roseau Businesses
Roseau Homes
Getting Around

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Note: Links were active in 2002, but may no longer be accessable.
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Saving the school
Volunteers building a sandbag dike around the Roseau Community School.

All photos by Jeff Kienitz of the Roseau Community School.

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